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December 29th, 2012 · 1 Comment · Comic Fiesta, Cosplay, Event, Malaysia, Personal

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comic fiesta 2012 kozak ghost recon future soldier 450x300 COMIC FIESTA 2012
SitRep for both days I attended Comic Fiesta 2012 22nd and 23rd. Credits to Kekanda for the photo.


comic fiesta 2012 kozak ghost recon future soldier2 450x679 COMIC FIESTA 2012
My cosplay on Day 1: Kozak from Ghost Recon Future Soldier. Credits to Ruwen Gy Sil for the photo.

- Happy that I got my XM8 rolled out in time after three gruelling days of priming, spraypainting, and masking. The amount of masking tape I used is enough to fill in a medium-sized plastic bag, not to mention the untold amounts of braincells I killed inhaling the spraypaint fumes. Trying to get it done in time does influence my moodswing a lot so if I had been grumpy between Wednesday until Friday night, this explains why.

- I had only an hour of sleep before going to KLCC, and that’s actually better than normal because I usually don’t sleep at all!

- The crowd was expectedly tremendous. Got a bit confused where should I line up at first since I preordered the ticket. Ended up wasting 15 minutes lining up when it turns out the line for those who preordered are elsewhere. Oh well, minor setback.

- Only seven people out of a crowd of several thousand can name my cosplay on Day 1 (Ghost Recon Future Soldier). That’s one people in every seven hours I spent cosplaying, and Tom Clancy games are supposed to be mainstream! I’m stuck with people calling me Counterstrike, Call Of Duty, and Battlefield. Can you believe they called my XM8 a SCAR?

- Still, I hugged the first person who got the name of my cosplay right. The third person I spoke to was a (and perhaps the only) diehard Tom Clancy videogame fan.

Day 1 was satisfactory but somewhat depressing because only a tiny fraction of people know what I’m cosplaying as. :/


comic fiesta 2012 pmcg group cosplay 450x300 COMIC FIESTA 2012
My Original Cosplay on Day 2 (based on my Rainbow Six Vegas 2 custom character loadout) together with my MilCos comrades in PMCG. I’m the heavily armoured guy with nightvision and SPAS-12 shotgun. Most people refer to my outfit as “The Juggernaut” due to my armoured appearance, although I honestly feel it doesn’t resemble the namesake one bit. Credits to Neko Son for the picture. Note that the guy in green anorak jacket to the right isn’t a PMCG member; he was only tagging along. Likewise, the non-cosplayer guy below me is someone who snapped photos with us, not a PMCG member.

- I actually fell ill on Day 2. I was in the middle of washing the dishes after breakfast when my body temperature jacked up all of a sudden. To make matters worst, my chief tenant just came in the moment I fell sick and wanted everyone to move a few things out to the new apartment unit and throw away plenty of junk! Had to break a promise to meet up with a friend of mine so I can take a short nap to patch myself up before going to KLCC. Consequently I arrived late, but not really that late by much. Five hours is still a significant amount of time spent geared up.

- It was great to have buddies around doing group cosplay with you, especially with the PMCG patches done. You can’t make an impact during events without all of us present, except for a certain you-know-who who became a pirate on both days. ಠ_ಠ

- Didn’t know I screwed up the neckguard on my all-black kit until I saw the pictures (the operator in the middle with the shotgun and nightvision is me). Nobody noticed or cared but I still feel it’s a big deal. Errors on my gears are unacceptable to me. Had it fixed on the second round after taking a break.

- Really pissed off at people photographing me and my group while we’re chilling out. Ettiquete-wise, you’re not supposed to photograph cosplayers on break or while they’re putting on their outfit, but I still see idiots breaking the golden rule. I don’t see them harrassing other female cosplayers who are also doing the same thing. Some people need to get their cameras confiscated and then smacked to their faces hard.

- Wanted to tactically troll a mass cosplay photoshoot at the end of Comic Fiesta but was interrupted (in a good way) by an ex-Kuwaiti SWAT member. He talked to me and my buddies at length regarding his 25 year long experience and how our gears reminded him of his time. He taught us in brief of fighting techniques he learned from CQB to hand-to-hand combat. He said some epic morale quote that goes along the line of “you cannot stand alone as your own, you must stand together as one”. A very friendly and passionate guy overall. I swear Tom Clancy would be in tears and hire him to write his next oursourced thriller.

- After gearing down, my nose and forehead felt slightly painful as a result of having the weight of the dummy nightvision pressed against my goggle for prolonged periods of time. I had to use this method to keep the nightvision stable as the permanent fix screw thingie used to keep the mount from flopping around while moving was broken.

Despite setbacks and suffering from post-event exhaustion syndrome of sorts (slept for 12 hours afterwards) after Comic Fiesta, I certainly enjoyed Day 2 a lot more than Day 1.

comic fiesta 2012 pmcg group cosplay2 450x299 COMIC FIESTA 2012
Another picture of me (center, with nightvision and shotgun) along with my PMCG comrades. Note this was the second round after taking a break so the error with my neckguard has been corrected. Credits to Kokin Ho for the photo.


Originally based on my Facebook status updates here and here.



Need to improve a few things with my Ghost Recon and all-black loadout, and plan out my cosplay plan for next year, Killzone!

CA ISA RegularTrooper 450x600 COMIC FIESTA 2012
Yep, I’m gonna do an ISA Marine!

pixel COMIC FIESTA 2012
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  • JD

    Hey man, great looking costume.
    Dunno if you’re gonna read this but if you do I would love to know where you got those blue glasses. And if they are protective glasses or just for show?
    I’m doing my own loadout for Airsoft and I’m lacking the proper glasses for it. The blue ones I can only find as transparent blue.

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