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January 10th, 2012 · No Comments · Personal

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So close, yet still too far.

The verdict on my final project aka the thesis is out: not a fail, not a success either. The thing is, I got overconfident and inadvertently ending up doing the project largely unsupervised. Nonetheless, my faculty which reviews my project paper was impressed at the effort I put in writing the thesis, so they allow me to redo my project without any penalty to my CGPA. I was disappointed that I couldn’t graduate this year, but I’m also glad that I could redeem my mistakes. See, I don’t mind having to start back from scratch again if given the opportunity.

I feel that second chances are highly underappreciated. As long as you’re allowed to make up for your mistakes, it’s not a lost cause, not a complete failure by any means. Besides, fattening up your ego with one too many servings of success is unhealthy, as I have demonstrated with my aforementioned overconfidence that led to my ungraceful, but otherwise recoverable downfall.

Come to think of it, I wouldn’t be in Kuala lumpur if I didn’t botch my STPM (comparable to an A-Level) and succeed on my second try. If a major failure like this didn’t occur in my lifetime, the impact it would have to the flow of my future timeline would’ve been catastrophic. The many faces I’ve met throughout the current timeline I’m in would’ve been merely strangers I passed by on the streets. The number of events I attended at the present timeline would’ve been something I heard of from the social network but wouldn’t bother to attend because I would still be an unconfident social hermit who refused to leave home. I would never be able to fully mature on my own and grow out from overdependence to my parents. So many positive changes happened over the smallest turn of events.

It’s clear that missteps and failures influenced future events in my life for the better. I look forward to experience the alterations that will occur in this timeline and hope 2012 will be a year of change for me. As I said last year, “no one can predict the future, but it can be invented from scratch.”

Tl;dr: thesis didn’t quite make it through but doesn’t count as a fail; have to redo the project. Not graduating this year. Oh well, here’s to a hopeful 2012.

Also, there will be some slow zombie posting of drafted posts from last December so don’t be surprised to see entries from last month suddenly popping up out of nowhere.

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