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May 5th, 2011 · 2 Comments · Personal, Youtube

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Boy, this place needs a bit of dusting off.


1. I was really busy last semester. Even though I’m only taking three subjects, it’s heavily assignment oriented. I also got myself involved as an event photographer for my campus battle of the bands event. Only one more semester left before I can start doing my thesis…

2. I became a cosplay photographer for the first time alongside a pretty cool guy named Hexlord; I cosplayed for my own photoshoot later. All this done just days before my exams. Pictures will be up soon.

3. Went to Australia to attend my sister’s wedding. Sure it’s nice to visit Australia but being abruptly plucked from KL before I had the chance to relax after the exam was pretty stressful for me. ( ´,_ゝ`) I still feel like I was in my exam week so it was a tad difficult for me to readjust and enjoy the trip. Anyway, congratulations to my sister for her epic wedding.

4. Now that I’m done with both my exams and the trip, I just wanna go home and be alone. Really, I missed the solitary life I used to have of not being needlessly bothered by anyone whether on my phone or on the social network. Don’t prematurely judge me as anti-social (I wouldn’t have a Facebook account if I’m indeed one, would I?). I just need some personal space for myself, that’s all.

5. As I reached home, I saw the usual sight of my ordered/preordered 1/6 figure stuff stacking up on my desk. FEELS GOOD MAN

6. It’s so good to wake up in my own room enjoying a cup of coffee with Arnott’s cookies. Did I mention that we the Sabahan master race have easier access to Aussie-made Arnott’s cookies? Or should I rather say, I live only 10 minutes away from a place that sells plenty of Arnott’s cookies.

7. I still got tonnes of photos from both my sister’s wedding and all around Hunter’s Valley along with downtown Sydney to edit. I need at least two weeks to get everything edited out as well as deleting out broken/duplicate images.

8. Osama bin Laden got his ass kicked. No virgins or cheezburgers for him because he went down without an obligatory kung-fu fight. Turns out he’s not hiding in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan but at an affluent suburb in a well-guarded part of Pakistan. Minus one for intelligence!

9. I got Revoltech Jehuty. Preordered mine because I know it will be sold out as soon as it hit the shelves. (・∀・)

10. I’ve been keeping up with more animes this season, though not all of em’. And the end of Madoka is pretty damn epic.

11. Got a lot of cosplay plans coming this year. Stay tuned for future updates!

Random Youtube video of the day: why I must pick up Amnesia: The Dark Descent ASAP

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  • Massy

    LOL welcome back. I think everyone needs a #4. Unless they’re those attention whore types that doesn’t gives a crap about privacy. I’m just saying. Ahh, can’t get enough of that amnesia captioning. It’s so farnie that I laff my ass off.

  • bd77

    Victim of p.o’ing Jehuty late. Feels bad, man…

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