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January 4th, 2011 · 4 Comments · Event, General, New Year, Personal, Photography

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More than 450,000 hits on my website but I’m not thrilled at all.

12 hours before the new year, I woke up in the afternoon with nothing to do besides barbecueing my ass on the chair surfing the Internet while waiting for my Torrents to finish. So what I else do I have in my nonexistent schedule than going out and find something worth the trouble doing? By the time I went downtown, it was already 1630 hours. I killed time by randomly walking around from place to place and doing a bit of last minute shopping. After that, I crashed by a friend’s shop and stick around there doing nothing.

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By 2200 hours, still objectiveless, I got dragged into a bar by friends and being the type that’s easily persuaded, I agreed to tag along anyway. Why would a teetotaller walk into a bar and throw away RM10+ for a glass of coke? Hell if I know but if it kills time, it might be worth something. Two hours and counting…

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Two hours of cigarette smoke pollution, blaring loud music, people getting shitfaced drunk, and watching the bargirls getting groped by horny old uncles later, 1st of January arrived. Hoorah…

What have I left behind in 2010? A couple of things which I won’t mention at all, but most significantly, I left behind a tonne of stress. The last four months before 2011 has been a complete downer for me. I got caught up in a prolonged depression which had severely affected my enthusiasm and ability to study. Returning back to my hometown has allowed me time to charge up my batteries and detoxify myself from melancholy.

So what have I accomplished in 2010? I managed to get my MW2 Ghost cosplay completed in time and attended both Hobbycon 2010 and Comic Fiesta 2010 with it; the latter being the first time I attended the event. I also attended other smaller events as well, such as MITF, Asaban Fest, Animangaki, and Hong Kong Halloween Trip/FHM Hottest Girls Party, most of which I managed to cosplay (except MITF). Other non-ACG but nonetheless relevant event I attended was the opening of Kirameki Cafe. I became a lazy contributor for Anime Shrine Blog.My collection of 1/6 action figures, HGUC 1/144 gunplas and Figma/Revoltech figures are increasing every year. It’s only a matter of time before my room becomes overly crowded with display cases and racks. One of the greatest highlights of my 1/6 kitbashes in 2010 is a 5-men teambash of Modern Warfare 2: Task Force 141 in Brazil. Finally, I got older, and will become much older in three months time. ;_;

I’ve been updating this website less and less due to personal commitment. This year’s my final year and things will definitely get very busy and increasingly frustrating for me. What awaits me after I graduate? A textbook job as intended by my degree? Or a lackluster job that doesn’t even match my qualification? Or that I took the road less traveled and ended up doing something unexpected that I like? Or a lengthly period of becoming a NEET for the next 1-2 years? I don’t know.

But one thing’s for sure, I’m gonna face 2011 with a renewed sense of responsibility, and maybe, a better resolution. No one can predict the future, but it can be invented from scratch.

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‘Happy’ New Year 2011, I suppose.

BTW, 2011 is the year of the rabbit. :3
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I’m born on the year of the rabbit so I’m feeling lucky…

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  • Massy

    LETS EAT THE BUNNEH! I mean, happy new year ;D It will be a fun year this year! All the best!

    On another note, reason why I stop going to pub/clubs “cigarette smoke pollution, blaring loud music, people getting shitfaced drunk, and watching the bargirls getting groped by horny old uncles”, but I’d go if it’s with frens or to support an event heheh.

  • Otaku Surf

    Looking at the kit bashes, I wish someone (maybe Hot Toys?) would make a Modern Warfare Ghost Figure. The kit bashes look pretty cool.

  • Hangmen13

    Military themed figures are the staple of 1/6 action figures so it’s relatively easy to kitbash figures for Modern Warfare 2, Medal of Honor, Ghost Recon or any military-based games out there. That still wouldn’t stop some unknown Chinese company from making a lookalike figure though (just like my ‘PMC Mark’ which is a Soap MacTavish lookalike). But with wide availability of loose 1/6 parts, kitbashing is a better option than waiting.

    Hot Toys will be releasing Metal Gear Solid 3 figures somewhere around this year. I won’t be able to afford it but knowing Hot Toys, its gonna look awesome!

  • bd77

    Never been to pubs, never will be (unless there’s something for me to fix, like a PC virus infection).
    Oh hey, I just got meself a Protect Gear Red Spectacles, Revoltech of course.

    Happy 2011.