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January 26th, 2010 · 3 Comments · Action Figure, Figma, Hobby, Photography

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figma saber 01 med FIGMA SABER
Finally unboxed her after 1 1/2 years in storage.

figma saber 02 med FIGMA SABER
Figma Saber is certainly three steps forward compared to Revoltech Saber.

figma saber 03 med FIGMA SABER
The details done on this scale is certainly impressive, in particular the intricate pattern on the scabbard.

figma saber 04 med FIGMA SABER
The articulations are much smoother and the figure seems pretty stable without a stand. In contrast, Revoltech Saber’s joints seems to degrade over time and stability issues appear straight out of the box. We’ll see if Figma Saber could stand up to the test of time in case I re-examine it in the future.

figma saber 05 med FIGMA SABER
I could go on and on about how much the paintjob and sculpting is superior to Revoltech Saber, but really, there’s not too much to report of. Even though it’s a solid figure and Saber was my first waifu :3, it’s yet another Saber out of the many incarnations of Saber. So yeah, I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.

figma saber 06 med FIGMA SABER

figma saber 07 med FIGMA SABER
“You’re next!”

figma saber 08 med FIGMA SABER
Excalibur: the BFG9000 of legendary swords.

figma saber 09 med FIGMA SABER

figma saber 10 med FIGMA SABER

figma saber 11 med FIGMA SABER

figma saber 12 med FIGMA SABER
How the hell did Kiritsugu shove delicious Avalon down Shirou’s throat is beyond my imagination.

figma saber 13 med FIGMA SABER

figma saber 14 med FIGMA SABER

figma saber 15 med FIGMA SABER

figma saber 16 med FIGMA SABER
Saber and two phallic stabby things: not something to be messed with.


Based on the experiences learned in the previous figure shoot, the sweet ISO spot for photographing figures of this scale is ISO-400. There’s the usual editing with Irfanview to touch up the picture, though personally, I think I oversaturate and/or overbrighten the colours in some pictures.

In other figure related news, I got Figma Saber (Casual Ver.) and Figma Emiya Shirou (Casual Ver.) around early January from The Figure Mall as well as Figma Canaan. Might start photographing Canaan around Chinese New Year since I won’t have anything to do during the CNY holiday break.

delicious FIGMA SABERreddit FIGMA SABERstumbleupon FIGMA SABERtumblr FIGMA SABERshare 16 16 FIGMA SABER

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