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April 26th, 2008 · 3 Comments · Anime, Golgo 13

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Captain Obvious Trivia: unlike hijacking a thread and deliberately causing a topic derailment, airplane hijacking involves the use of lethal force and coersive actions. Now you know!

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A C4-loaded handphone went pass the airport’s X-ray machine that easy? American airports are slav shit.

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In a jail somewhere in America, mankind’s manliest sharpshooter quietly resides.

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Duke Togo aka Golgo 13: legendary sharpshooter able to pull the most impossible shots. Oh yeah, he also has a large penis.

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Golgo 13 knows the FBI masturbated furiously to CP. No handshakes for you my friend.

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These flaccid mafia gigolos are asking for it.

golgo13 ep01 car n money med GOLGO 13
Three million dollars, free laptop and a nice sports car. All for the price of one target. Not too shabby. Golgo 13 asked for only 4 hours of preparation time, or else he’ll snipe the sun off its orbit and fill mother earth full of pleasure with his superior large penis.

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He needs a gun, a big gun, a really big gun. Enough to rip and tear through 3-inches of glass and hit a football-sized target without any change in trajectory over a kilometre and a half. He got his big gun, but needs some adjustments to suit his needs. Till’ then…

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…he’s off killing time shooting a few rounds with his other, more superior weapon. Golgo 13′s nutritious semen is thought to be able to cure AIDS and, if bottled and mass-produced, could put an end to famine and malnutrition in Africa.

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Here comes the mafia gaylord accompanied by his pack of queers.

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Golgo 13′s manly senses are tingling.

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After stashing the ho’ somewhere safe, Golgo 13 dived for cover, evading the blindly-fired hail of mafia bullets.

golgo13 ep01 firefight med GOLGO 13
1, 2, 3, 4, every one of em’ fall like a sack of rice. H4x, Golgo 13 has aimbot!

golgo13 ep01 takeout med GOLGO 13
Mafias = noobs. Can’t use teamwork, can’t shoot straight, can’t conserve rounds. The last piece of garbage gets dusted off by Golgo 13 in style.

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The SWAT snipers do what they can and bought some time by shooting off one of the plane’s tires. This iritates the hijacker even further. The planed swayed off from its original trajectory, far different than what was shown in the original data. Pfft, big deal, he’s the goddamn Golgo 13 after all.

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キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!! He’s here!

golgo13 ep01 snipeready med GOLGO 13

golgo13 ep01 tangodown med GOLGO 13

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A badass end. Now go watch this anime now. Shit as much blood as you can while you’re at it or Golgo 13 will forceraep you with his superior large penis.

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