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April 17th, 2008 · 10 Comments · Action Figure, Fate Stay Night, Hobby, Revoltech


rev frau rin 00 med REVOLTECH FRAULEIN RIN

Slowpoke figya update: finally made an entry about Revoltech Fraulein Rin. I actually took these pics almost two months ago, but I was too damn lazy to post em’ sooner.

Fraulein (the German word for “young lady”) Revoltech is Kaiyodo’s new toy line featuring monthly releases of approximately 6-inch tall, Revoltech-jointed action figures of female characters from popular anime titles and illustrators. The brainchild of master sculptor Tomohide Enoki, this new line’s figures utilize the innovative “E.L.F.” joint system coupled with Revoltech joints and can be set in a diverse range of lifelike poses.

INFO: Hobby Link Japan

rev frau rin 02 med REVOLTECH FRAULEIN RIN

Rin comes with 3 pairs of hands (one of which has her magic jewels), Dagger of Ass Off Azoth and a stand that snaps onto the figure’s torso. Her face sculpt is subject to debate. Whether it looks just OK, kinda odd or plain hideous is up to you. In my view, the face sculpt is passable enough for something of its pricerange, but was put to shame by Figma, Revoltech’s rival series, with far more superior sculpt for only a slighly higher pricetag. One thing that I dislike the most about the figure is the flimsy arm joints. Toy around with it, even so gently, would make it pop off its joints, forcing you to re-attach the damn thing again and again. Another is the hard plastic skirt. Though removable (heh, my first ‘cast off’ action figure?), I wish they’d make it outta soft plastic like what Figma did to their Yuki Nagato action figure.

rev frau rin 01 med REVOLTECH FRAULEIN RIN
As soon as I got her out of the box, one of the ribbons on her hair fell off. Fortunately, fixing this one is a no-brainer: slap in a bit of plastic cement, re-attach it and you’re done. Whichever Burmese child labor that assembled the figure didn’t put sufficient amount of bonding adhesive on her ribbon.

rev frau rin 03 med REVOLTECH FRAULEIN RIN
Even her twintails have Revoltech joints. The ultimate tsundere?

rev frau rin 04 med REVOLTECH FRAULEIN RIN

rev frau rin 05 med REVOLTECH FRAULEIN RIN
Utilizing the power of her twintails, Rin successfully blocked the GM’s beam saber attack.

rev frau rin 06 med REVOLTECH FRAULEIN RIN
Rin counterattacked using her twintails to disable the GM’s weaponry.

rev frau rin 07 med REVOLTECH FRAULEIN RIN
In a desperate move to gain the upper hand, GM charges towards Rin with all its might. Rin braced herself for the worst. What trump card does the GM have up its sleeve?

rev frau rin 08 med REVOLTECH FRAULEIN RIN
YOINK! Dirty cheating bastard! I have to say that Rin’s pantsu is quite well painted.

rev frau rin 09 med REVOLTECH FRAULEIN RIN
GM, wanting a quick end to the duel, chose to play dirty by humiliating Rin in public. The battle however, is far from over…

rev frau rin 10 med REVOLTECH FRAULEIN RIN

HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER! Saber came to the rescue, Excalibur’d GM with one thousand years worth of pain (holy shit I’m quoting Nartuo!).

rev frau rin 11 med REVOLTECH FRAULEIN RIN
Where’s your God now, GM?

rev frau rin 12 med REVOLTECH FRAULEIN RINrev frau rin 13 med REVOLTECH FRAULEIN RIN
Looks like Rin is taking her sweet time.

rev frau rin 14 med REVOLTECH FRAULEIN RINrev frau rin 15 med REVOLTECH FRAULEIN RIN

rev frau rin 16 med REVOLTECH FRAULEIN RINrev frau rin 17 med REVOLTECH FRAULEIN RIN
Rin with a bunch of guns from my 1/12 armory. Rin’s hands are made from soft plastic hands, as opposed to Figma’s stiff plastic, which allows Rin to have better grip on third-party objects outside of her standard accessory.

rev frau rin 18 med REVOLTECH FRAULEIN RIN
Now onto regular poses. As I was attempting to make different kinds of ordinary poses…

rev frau rin 19 med REVOLTECH FRAULEIN RIN
…HER LEFT ARM FUCKIN’ FELL OFF! Not off her shoulder joints this time, but off her frickin’ arm twist socket; not something easily fixable, thus halting the photo session. Tried using plastic cement but didn’t hold quite well. Got myself a powerful bonding adhesive: Alteco 110. Applied a drop, re-attach, gave it a strong pressure while twisting the arm around to avoid the adhesive from hardening up the arm permanently.

rev frau rin 20 med REVOLTECH FRAULEIN RIN
Lessons learned: if you wanna try out poses that involves a lot of joint movement on her arms, I suggest removing the arms first and tinker about with it separately. Avoid giving the joints too much pressure. As a few days had already passed after I managed to correct the arm, I had lost all interest in resuming another photo session. Her left arm is OK now, but I’m still too paranoid to do anything fancy with it. If her left arm fell off again, I might go Higurashi (USO DA!) on my entire family. I’m displaying her permanently with this pose and never layed a finger on it again eversince. I’ll probably sell her together with Revoltech Saber once Figma comes out with better equivalent.

For comparable figures, see:

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  • Shin

    Lulz were had. Sorry about the arm though.

  • Setsuna-san


    the arm fell off?? wheres the QC?

  • Hangmen13

    Shin: All will be forgiven once Figma comes out with a far more superior version of Rin.

    Setsuna: QC for these Fraulein seems deteriorating. I got my hands on the recent Revoltech Pocco figure and her right leg joints are quite loose. Again, these underpaid child labors forgot to put sufficient amount of adhesive! More on Pocco soon…

  • lanie-emon

    I swear Revoltech standard is getting down. Hope they will be Figma release for Dark Saber + Rin. Where are you ordering from for your Figma Saber?

  • Hangmen13

    Lanie-emon: I was late at preordering Figma Saber. I’m now keeping a close eye on all reachable hobby stores. Can’t risk the chance of missing it yet again.

    UPDATE: Revoltech Pocco turns out great after some minor fixing. More on this soon…

  • Pacthesis

    Dude, the same thing happened to my Revoltech Rin. Her left arm just came off at that same place…. -_-

  • h8GWB

    I’m new to figures and I try to like Revoltech, but like you said, Rin’s face leaves a lot to desire. So, I chose to get Figma’s version of Saber (plus the scabbards are a nice touch). Revoltech does hide their joints better, though, and their Evangelion figures are SWEET (got Asuka and both Rei versions!).

    I still went and impulse bought Revoltech Rin at NYAF ‘cos she was only $20. Orz

    (BTW do you know how to tighten loose standard joints? The joint in one of my stands won’t support the figure.)

  • Hangmen13

    Pacthesis: deja vu.

    h8GWB: both Figma and Revoltech has their own pros and cons. I went for both (idort). Figma has the best headsculpt and softer joints, while Revoltech has slightly larger scale and have mechas in their series line.

    Not into Eva, but they do look nice nonetheless.

    No idea how to tighten loose joints. Guess you gotta do a bit of trial and error experimentation on that.

  • krnozine

    Hello can u give me details on where you got those guns and what kind are they? thanks ^^

  • Hangmen13

    krnozine: It’s from some old and defunct action figure series (forgot the name, starts with ‘M’), as well as another from an unbranded China-made figures. Any 1/12 scale weapon would fit Revoltech or Figma figures well.