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March 30th, 2009 · 14 Comments · Anime, Image, Videogame, Youtube


games to animes front VIDEOGAMES TO ANIMES?
Videogames that I wish were animes, or simply mentioned for the fun of it.

games to animes 01 med VIDEOGAMES TO ANIMES?
There’s no doubt eversince the third sequel, the Ace Combat series is a shining beacon of not only being an uncomplicated and enjoyable flight game, but also for being the only flight game with an actually interesting storyline. There’s nothing an Ace Combat fanboy could ever wish for than an anime/OVA of Ace Combat 3.

Ace Combat 3′s animated intro from 10 years ago: still flying high, and more than enough reason for an anime/OVA.

games to animes 02 med VIDEOGAMES TO ANIMES?
Post-apocalyptic setting? Mechas? Corporate-hired mercenaries? Armored Core’s potential as an anime is way too obvious here. No further elaborations needed.

games to animes 03 med VIDEOGAMES TO ANIMES?
I have yet to play Bioshock, but I heard some good shit about ‘immersive storyline’ and delicious lolis caek.

games to animes 04 med VIDEOGAMES TO ANIMES?
An anime adaptation of Call of Duty 4 would probably revolve around the theft of prototype giant robots, while a reverse-gendered Captain Price would be wearing an armpit hair exposing tank top.

games to animes 05 med VIDEOGAMES TO ANIMES?
It’s inevitable that Red Alert 3′s inclusion of Japan and psychic schoolgirls conjures up many possibilities of a decent anime adaptation. Only problem is, they’d probably have to make Yuriko resemble a 43 year old with thunder thighs and cancerous bowling balls strapped to her chest to cater the fetishes of western audiences. Otherwise, freedom-lovers will start howling morality and call the anime a paedophiles encyclopedia.

games to animes 06 med VIDEOGAMES TO ANIMES?
Now that Hetalia is out, a Company of Heroes anime is now impossible. Wait, let’s make all the main characters prepubescent females, then add humanoid tank legs and call it Ground Witches! Or… STURM WITCHES! BLITZ WITCHES?

games to animes 07 med VIDEOGAMES TO ANIMES?
Very much every schmup released since the 8-bit era have the basic universe and mechanical design to start an anime. They did it to Touhou (fanmade; no fancy schmancy mechas to begin with), so why won’t they do it to Raystorm and Einhander?

games to animes 08 med VIDEOGAMES TO ANIMES?
I always had this bad feeling if Fallout 3 was an anime, it would cast a wimpy, pathetic, moralfag do-gooder as the series protagonist who unintentionally built himself a harem of generic party members, of which every female member of his party has the hots for the protagonist and dreamed of having his pOnOs jammed wildly in their vagOOO, but it will never happen of course. Yes, a Fallout 3 anime will be about whacking Radroaches for hours, assembling a party straight from the underground vault of 101 genericism, watching them taking a trip to a post-apocalyptic spring bath, or having all the female characters in your party work a temporary job at a post-apocalyptic maid cafe set in post-apocalyptic Akihabara. Thus, Fallout 3 anime = DO NOT WANT

games to animes 09 med VIDEOGAMES TO ANIMES?
Not really want. Just posting it here because I found this picture.

games to animes 10 med VIDEOGAMES TO ANIMES?
I’d imagine a Homeworld anime would be the most awesome sci-fi space opera ever made since Legend of Galactic Heroes, and possibly less FABULOUS.

games to animes 11 med VIDEOGAMES TO ANIMES?
Conspiracies, backstabbing, revelations, technobabble, philosophical rhetoric, and general mindfuck: a high-class recipe for an interesting anime. Really, considering how much effort was invested for the game’s cinematic sequence and love-it-or-hate-it storyline, Metal Gear Solid does deserve an anime. If it ever happened, I can finally forget Akio Ohtsuka’s presence in lending his voice to cool characters stuck in two awful animes (other than that, the rest are fine). Hell, I might even pick up a dubbed copy (b-u-y animes?) so I can listen to David Hayter’s equally manly voice. PS: there is no Devil May Cry anime, and DMC stood for Detroit Metal City.

games to animes 12 med VIDEOGAMES TO ANIMES?
No Metal Gear? Then give me METAL SLUG! I say no to another shitty King of Fighters animu. Shit out something new SNK!

games to animes 13 med VIDEOGAMES TO ANIMES?
Instead of simply abandoning a good idea and leaving it to rot in the annals of history, Starcraft: Ghost should be turned into an animated film of somekind, like Dead Space: Downfall. Have the marketing dept at Blizzard ever thought of furthering the money-making potential of milking an already powerful franchise? Like all worldwide phenomenon (especially in Zerghive Korea), Starcraft is panties-drop-easy to market and merchandise (BTW, there’s a novel for Starcraft: Ghost). They must be out of their mind not to exploit that, or they probably ran out of Mexican bank accounts to flee and store their rapedollars at.


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  • AA TTrue GGamer

    There may not be an anime, but there IS a Metal Gear Solid movie in the works. The only problem with that would be if it were a live action movie; there would be no David Hayter for Snake’s voice, and it would suck that way.
    IMO, it’ll be really good CGI. Like, take away all the gameplay space on the MGS4 disc and use it for moar pretty things. Like graphics.

  • linkinstreet

    Apsal fallout3 tu nampak cam mango Red Eyes?

  • Firetribe

    Metal Gear animu? Only if directed by Kojima

  • Hangmen13

    ATG: Rumors only. I bet it will suck if it’s live-action. CGI movie? I approve.

    Linkinstreet: Demi mengekalkan tahap penglihatan yang optima, sila kurangkan sesi merancap.

    Firetribe: Seconded.

  • Razrig

    i vote for ace combat 3!!!.. seriously that game rocx.. for the japanese ver. but the english ver dont have any animation/storyline… only mission brief.. (didnt even finish the english) only play the jap. ver…

  • Stormy001

    Problem who is the target audience? I don’t think studio execs are going to spend money on something they are not sure of good ROI.

  • Hangmen13

    Razrig: Those fags in Namco USA thought western players won’t give a shit about stories, so they ended up fukkin’ the whole game big time. Thank God they no longer rape the Ace Combat series from the fourth game onwards.

    Stormy: And thus, is why this is more of a wish than a serious request. Then again, an OVA wouldn’t be too bad. Also, where the hell is mah Armored Core OVA? They promise one around Fall of 2008.

  • Michel

    Fallout 3, COD4 and Bioshock would make great mature animes.

  • Michael

    Well, they announced a Halo anime, Halo Legends. So the chance of seeing Bioshock and Fallout anime may be high. I love to see a Resistance anime, Killzone anime, God of War anime.

  • Hangmen13

    Michael: Halo has a large fanbase of screaming 13 year old zealots and Bungie/Microsoft has deep enough pockets to buy Sweden, so no surprises there.

  • ??

    Yo, where did you found that armored core girl? Website? If I may ask?

  • 088

    Am i the only guy who would vote for Homeworld?
    seriously the games already have a bad ass story
    just fill in some of the more personal aspects of it pick a main character probably a fighter pilot or some such add female interests (nookie with fleet command anyone? ROFL) and ta da you have anime and a good one too.
    i know id watch it

  • Blitzalchemy

    There is actually a Devil May Cry anime now, and the closest u’ll get to an anime for ace combat is the Macross series, this could also apply to Armored Core but i just wish there was something a little more like AC, or is there…?

  • Not saying

    I think this person just doesn’t like anime. And how could ANY gamer say they’ve never played bioshock one of the best games EVER not THE best but one of them to be sure of. ( Side note his opinion on fallout 3 making a bad anime is just WRONG it would make a SWEET anime ).